Don't Tell Me To Keep Calm Travel Mug

No Internet! I Can't Keep Calm! Funny T-Shirt

We love this funny variation on the Keep Calm meme. In this case, keeping calm is impossible -- and with good reason. No internet! How will you survive? How will lingering random questions be instantly answered? How will you know what is going on with your friends? When will you be able to update your network on your latest meal choice?

Keep Calm and Kill Zombies Black T-Shirt

What should you do when the zombie apocalypse comes? We have two tips for you: 1. Keep Calm, and 2. Kill Zombies. This life-saving advice is featured on this parody design based on the classic Keep Calm and Carry On posters from the UK. The text "Keep Calm...

Keep Calm I'm Part Ninja Black T-Shirt

Are you a fully trained warrior ninja and you want your friends to calm down? Then check out this funny graphic tee design with the text Keep Calm I'm Part Ninja.  This is based on the classic British Keep Calm and Carry On posters. This spoof version has...

Fun for Halloween: Bloody Scary -- Keep Calm?!?

It's hard to keep calm in a crisis. How about a bloody crisis? This variation of the Keep Calm meme can't even get its entire message out before turning into a bloody mess. The text reads Keep Calm but ends in a big realistic-style red blood splatter.